Hysopt for healthcare

Sustainability, cost savings and optimised comfort levels in your hospital. Hysopt helps with the hydraulic optimisation of new buildings as well as renovations of existing buildings.

Trusted to optimse HVAC systems for hospitals


Our solution

Get more out of your hospitals HVAC installations.

Hospital patients and care home residents deserve maximum comfort, but often whole sections of buildings aren’t heated properly. Systems are often oversized or poorly commissioned, which results in inefficiency and low comfort levels. So what can you do about it? 

The unique sience-based Hysopt software helps healthcare buildings to heat and cool more efficiently. Carbon emissions can be drastically reduced, as well as energy costs while remaining comfort through optimising the performance of systems in the design stage.


Low carbon technology, to comply with emission targets and beyond.


An optimised HVAC installation with lower energy and maintenance costs.


Comfort not as a guess, but calculated for everybody present in your buildings.


A selection of optimised settings, for you to choose the best possible fit.


Full transparency on the predicted system performance, without becoming an expert.

Extensive knowledge in healthcare buildings

Hydraulic optimisations in hospitals or care homes? Hysopt knows how to handle it! Tune in on our customer stories. 


Case study

Antwerp University Hospital
Antwerp University Hospital (UZA) has 573 beds, employs 3,500 people, and provides more than 500,000 consultations and treatments every year.
AZ Sint-Maarten

Case study

Hospital AZ Sint-Maarten
AZ Sint-Maarten is a general hospital currently spread over three separate campuses, which is relocating to a single large site.

Case study

Hospital ZNA
ZNA is one of Belgium’s largest healthcare providers. It is comprised of three general and six specialist hospitals, two medical centres and a residential care facility, all in and around Antwerp, making it the largest hospital network in Belgium

Questions about how we can optimise your HVAC-systems?

Hysopt is a unique design software that helps building owners get the most out of their heating and cooling systems, increase performance, reduce carbon emissions and save on their energy costs.