Hysopt for educational buildings

Optimised return on investment and maximised energy savings. With the drive towards net zero carbon by 2050, Universities and Colleges have to consider how to adopt low carbon heating and cooling technologies, within existing installations or as part of new designs.

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Universiteit Antwerpen

Our solution

Substantial energy savings

The energy saving potential on university and college campuses is between 10% and 50%.  Campuses are currently consuming too much energy for their heating and cooling, and thermal comfort also often leaves something to be desired. Certain sections of buildings simply cannot being heated sufficiently, or cooling installations use lots of energy without providing enough cooling.

Inefficiency is inherent in almost all University HVAC systems, where CHP (combined heat and power) has been deployed, but systems are often not optimised for best return on investment or maximum energy savings. 



Low carbon technology, to comply with emission targets and beyond.


An optimised HVAC installation with lower energy and maintenance costs.


Comfort not as a guess, but calculated for everybody present in your buildings.


A selection of optimised settings, for you to choose the best possible fit.


Full transparency on the predicted system performance, without becoming an expert.

Extensive knowledge in educational buildings

Hydraulic optimisations in educational buildings? Hysopt knows how to handle it! Tune in on our customer stories. 


Case study

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel has three different campuses: Etterbeek, Jette and Gooik. It also has various other buildings spread across the capital, and the hydraulic systems in all these buildings need optimising.
Ghent University

Case study

Ghent University
‘It’s good to fit a new installation, but the outcome can often only really be measured after a year or even longer,’ explains Ruben Sebrechts, project coordinator for the Buildings and Facilities Management Department at Ghent University.
KU Leuven

Case study

KU Leuven
The KU Leuven is the largest university in the country, with faculties in 11 different locations. Together they accommodate around 60,000 students all over Flanders.

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Hysopt is a unique design software that helps building owners get the most out of their heating and cooling systems, increase performance, reduce carbon emissions and save on their energy costs.