Van Marcke

Van Marcke

Van Marcke is an international wholesaler specialising in kitchens, heating and sanitary installations.

Offer customers a total solution

Van Marcke is an international wholesaler specialising in kitchens, heating and sanitary installations. “We think it’s important to provide our customers – installation companies, engineering offices and other players in the market – with more information than they normally find in a quote. We don’t just want to list our products; we really want to offer a total solution,” says Wim Jonkers, Director Solution Centres for Van Marcke. “We’re seeing, for example, that products are constantly being developed further and becoming more technical, and we also need to take the ever-changing legislation into account, which is making HVAC installations increasingly complex. All this means our customers need more support.”

Map everything out perfectly

“Hysopt gives us the opportunity to map out the entire network. We start at the heat pump, include any satellite stations, and end at the outlet, which gives us a good picture of all the pipes too, so we really can offer our customers a total solution,” explains Wim Jonkers.

Work more efficiently

“Hysopt ensures we can work more efficiently. Sometimes we’re given very similar projects, which we can now process very quickly because we work with prototypes. We’re also very busy developing heating grids in Belgium, and now we can play an even more significant role in this thanks to Hysopt.”

Even more manufacturers in the library

“We’re currently still finding that only a few of our existing suppliers are included in the products library, but we’re looking forward to this library being expanded with more manufacturers in the future, which will mean we can proceed from simple calculation to an actual quote much faster,” explains Wim Jonkers.

Hysopt is unique on the market

Hysopt software is certainly already adding value for Van Marcke. “We’ve scoured the entire market to find alternatives that can do the same thing as the Hysopt software, and simply haven’t found anything that compares. We can therefore safely say that Hysopt is a real pioneer when it comes to this type of calculation software,” concludes a satisfied Wim Jonkers.

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