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Why your heating bills are higher than they should be!

The most expensive energy you’re paying for, is the energy you are unnecessarily wasting!

Rising energy prices are the talk of the town. Across Europe, energy costs are soaring, due to limited gas supplies, a shortage of storage space and the conflict in Ukraine. And with no price-cap in place for the commercial sector, suppliers have increased out-of contract 

gas and electricity rates by 300% up to 500% in the past year.  With energy prices so high and volatile, it’s difficult to predict how they will evolve… never mind in 12 months' time! The impact of this crisis is indisputable, and businesses are fighting to survive.


Meanwhile, the energy used to heat buildings represents approximately 70% of annual energy consumption, meaning tackling the costs of heating has become a top priority for owners and operators of buildings across the private and public sectors.

So, what can you do?

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The energy cost crunch

Tackling the building envelope by isolating your building for energy reduction purposes might be your first instinct? Fine in itself, however these projects are extremely high in investment costs and questions about financial feasibility arise for most organisations.

Seeking refuge in like-for-like replacement of HVAC components (replacing pumps, boilers, BMS, etc.) may seem another solution? But minimising heating costs based on individual measures, instead of a system-wide approach, can be a costly affair. Besides, it will only tackle the symptoms of your malfunctioning heating- and cooling installation, and not the root cause of the problem. At best, you’ll be left with significant additional potential cost reductions on the table. 

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What to expect

During this webinar we will elaborate on the power of optimising your HVAC systems. Based on studies from more than 450 international heating installations in non-domestic buildings, this webinar will demonstrate how fine-tuning what you already have can identify and eliminate previously hidden and unknown energy costs – which on average are responsible for annual heating bills being 32% higher than they need to be… even as much as 51% in some cases!

Meanwhile in 8 out of 10 installations, the investment costs needed to eradicate these problems can be recovered in less than 1 year, based on current energy prices; and without compromising on your buildings comfort levels!


Why your heating bills are higher than they should be!

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Save energy costs while reducing carbon emissions

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