Making Public Buildings Low Carbon heat Ready!

Decarbonising public sector buildings and estates is a must. Heating and cooling installations are dragging down our collective efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

With up to 40% of Scope 1 and 2 emissions attributable to energy consumption in buildings, and 40% of this from HVAC systems, it is time to take a closer look at them. 

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An optimal design for optimal savings

The sector is consistently struggling with its high emissions because of the diversity and complexity of its buildings.


While heat pumps and low carbon heat networks are proven to be popular solutions, they are not a like-for-like replacement for gas boilers. Too many projects are delivered without a “whole system” approach, leaving building owners with installations that:

  • Require more capital budget than necessary
  • Deliver carbon savings at the expense of increased running costs
  • Leave additional carbon savings on the table, due to sub-optimal system efficiency

To achieve optimal performance, and thus gain optimal benefits from said solutions, buildings must be optimised in the first place for low carbon heat solutions.  

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What to expect Who For?

In this webinar we will demonstrate how existing heating and cooling systems, old or new, can be optimised in a cost-effective manner to make them “low carbon heat ready”. Moreover, we will show how HVAC optimisation also maximises system efficiency for the lowest possible energy costs. 


Using 3 recently completed low carbon heat schemes from a university, hospital and leisure centre and a Q&A session with low carbon heat specialist Equans, will leave you with well-rounded insights into getting your buildings low carbon heat ready.  

Energy, Estates, Sustainability, Carbon and Capital Projects professionals, NHS Trusts and NHS Health Boards, Universities and Tertiary Colleges, Local authorities, Potential applicants for Low Carbon Skills and/or Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme funding (England) or Public Sector Green Heat Decarbonisation Fund (Scotland). 

Chris Davis - Hysopt

Nicola Mahmood - Equans


Making Public Buildings Low Carbon Heat Ready

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