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From component to system thinking

Many HVAC installations underperform and over-pollute. Designers operate at the best of their ability, but often lack powerful tools to make dynamic system behaviour transparent. Problems arise at system level, because mathematical calculations to correctly select and size components are made more complex due to the integration of low carbon technologies. 

Hysopt uses a unique calculation and simulation software to increase HVAC performance, reduce carbon emissions and save energy costs. 

Our solution

Digital Twin software for HVAC deep system calculation

Our software enables  the possibility to create HVAC systems in a VIRTUAL environment before building or renovating in real life.

Our full system mathematical model describes all applicable laws of physics (thermal, hydraulic, control, dynamics). No concessions on system or calculation complexity.

Main functionalities

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System check

Automatic validation of your initial design for concept mistakes, hydraulic compatibility and potential missing components.

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Dynamic simulation

Dynamic simulations of the installation performance in variable conditions to help evaluate the design’s energy consumption, thermal comfort and gain control.

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Pareto analysis

Compare different system alternatives in the Pareto dashboard. Compare system KPI’s to create an economical and an ecological optimum to objectify the best fitted solution.

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Inspiration library

Template library with preprogrammed hydraulic base circuits and a best practice control strategy. Ready to use in your existing or new build installation.

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Optimal component selection

Automated iterative algorithms for optimal sizing of all installation components, taking a whole system approach into account.

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Automated hydraulic balancing of your system. With the calculated presets of all system components and a reporting for faster commissioning of the build installation.

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Sensitivity analysis

Investigate how design changes affect the overall system performance. Make multiple variants of your model, each with minor parameter changes and all the design calculations and dynamic simulation will be automatically executed.

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Great usability for every team member involved

Intuitive interface

Specific intuitive interface developed for HVAC designers and M&E consultants

Powerful cloud servers

Our cloud servers supply all needed calculation power, and allow to automatically scale when required.

Fully web based

Fully web based software, so no software installations or migrations. Always works with the latest available release.


Direct support integrated in the software, and able for remote interventions when required.

Work with colleagues

Collaborate with colleagues or stakeholders via a shared folder system.

Control all access

Company license (multi-user) access management over the software.

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Save energy and go with Hysopt

Hysopt is unique design software that helps building managers get the most out of their heating and cooling systems. In collaboration with installation companies and engineering firms, we can reduce carbon emissions by 40% and cut your annual energy bill by 10% to 50%.

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