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Welcome to the Future of HVAC Calculation & BIM Modeling

A live introduction to the next step in HVAC engineering.

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in HVAC Engineering. Our latest innovation, the Hysopt BIM Syncer©, is a revolutionary tool that has been designed to harmoniously unite HVAC calculation, drawing and BIM within our industry.

No matter if you’re a seasoned industry expert or just stepping into the HVAC world, this site offers a comprehensive overview of the transformative impact of the Hysopt BIM Syncer©. Join us in navigating the cutting-edge of HVAC engineering innovation and BIM Modeling.

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A Much Needed Next Step in HVAC Engineering

Our Hysopt BIM Syncer© was created out of need. It’s an essential evolution in the HVAC field. This solution acts as a pivotal connector between the realms of HVAC calculation and BIM modeling, traditionally managed by separate teams with distinct skills.

This fragmentation has led to significant issues, such as considerable failure costs due to a lack of digital connection. This disconnection often results in BIM models that do not accurately reflect the HVAC engineer’s design and calculations. Inaccuracies can lead to overlooked or incorrectly fitted components in the system. Ultimately, the system is constructed according to the BIM model. Correcting these discrepancies through manual reviews is time-consuming, expensive, and still prone to errors.

Discover the Hysopt BIM Syncer©

Incorporating comprehensive feedback from our users and the market, the Hysopt BIM Syncer© was developed with a keen understanding of the unique roles and competencies in the HVAC industry.

While BIM interfaces are effective for visualising basic calculations, they’re not equipped to handle the intricate system calculations inherent to HVAC engineering. Furthermore, the importance of proper workflow can’t be overlooked: calculation precedes design.

Our solution offers a split-screen approach, enabling each professional to work within their trusted, specialised environment. Simultaneously, we bridge these disparate worlds through continuous data synchronisation and exchange between the two models.

Core functionalities

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Utilise our efficient P&D engineering interface. Our system offers precise calculation of thermal propagation, flow rates, and temperatures, alongside industry-standard pipe sizing (ISSO 18, WTCB 14, CIBSE CP1, and custom). All-in-one solution for your engineering needs.

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With the Hysopt BIM Syncer©, users can effortlessly create complex HVAC models. The tool ensures seamless interoperability between calculation and BIM modeling domains while preserving their distinct roles.

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Our tool provides comprehensive validation capabilities, ensuring congruity between the BIM model and the HVAC engineer's calculations. This feature significantly reduces the risk of component misalignment or omission.

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The Hysopt BIM Syncer© features continuous synchronization, ensuring alignment between calculation and BIM models in real-time. This connectivity facilitates fluid collaboration between the HVAC engineer and BIM modeler.

Welcome to the future of HVAC calculations & BIM modeling

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Intuitive interface

Specific intuitive interface developed for HVAC designers and M&E consultants

Powerful cloud servers

Our cloud servers supply all needed calculation power, and allow to automatically scale when required.

Fully web based

Fully web based software, so no software installations or migrations. Always works with the latest available release.


Direct support integrated in the software, and able for remote interventions when required.

Work with colleagues

Collaborate with colleagues or stakeholders via a shared folder system.

Control all access

Company license (multi-user) access management over the software.

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