Make the right choices for low energy, low carbon HVAC performance

Make the right choices for low energy, low carbon HVAC performance

Energy consumption, CO2 emissions and investment cost should be as low as possible in an HVAC design and at the same time, we want the thermal comfort to be as high as possible. How do you achieve this? And how do you measure performance of one solution against another at the design stage?
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Make the right choices for low energy, low carbon HVAC performance

Who for?

Energy managers, Heads of Estates, Engineering Services Directors/Managers, Hard FM managers and Energy Management Professionals in education, health, public sector organisations, local authorities, energy services companies (ESCO’s) or private sector organisations.




Whether you are involved in working out how to decarbonise your existing heating and cooling installations; or maybe you’re responsible for the HVAC engineering of a new building – building owners, energy managers and estates directors need transparency at the design stage to be able to understand how alternative HVAC solutions will perform and meet their energy, carbon, cost and comfort objectives.

In this webinar, Hysopt will explain how creating a digital twin of your installation can be used to help building owners make the right choices around which HVAC technologies to consider; reduce the risk of poor performance; and make fact based investment decisions, based on transparency of cost, energy, carbon emissions and comfort levels.

We’ll also explain how the same digital twin can follow your project from concept through to installation and commissioning to secure the integrity of the designs performance for the lifecycle of the installation; so as built = as designed!

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