Hospital AZ Sint-Maarten
AZ Sint Maarten

Hospital AZ Sint-Maarten

AZ Sint-Maarten is a general hospital currently spread over three separate campuses, which is relocating to a single large site.

Energy-optimised installations

AZ Sint-Maarten is a general hospital currently spread over three separate campuses, which is relocating to a single large site next year. “It’s a challenge to make the building project a success and ensure everything will work as it should,” explains Jan Claesen, Technical Director. “The energy aspect is a very important part of this, with all the various installations needing to be properly aligned.”

Search for an independent advisor to evaluate decisions

“We enlisted the help of an engineering consultancy firm for the concept design with specifications to ensure the challenge was overcome successfully. We then appointed a contractor to develop all the installation components in more detail, but we still wanted an independent party to assure us we’d made all the right choices, which ultimately led us to Hysopt,” says Jan Claesen.

Visualisation of installations a real eye-opener

“The possibilities, computing power and visual representation of installations and optimisations was a real eye-opener for us. We were soon able to establish that we could implement a conceptual optimisation, so our co-generation could work for longer in the midseasons, and ultimately save us lots of energy. Our components have been selected specifically to match our situation, so our fluids and associated comfort will be optimised. And we can easily develop the building and optimise the installations further if we want to expand the hospital at a later date, which is something that’s always happening in hospitals.”

Unbelievable amount of know-how in the Hysopt software

“We see our further collaboration with Hysopt in two parts. On one hand, as building manager we now have a model that performs extremely well, which we can use for further expansions at a later date. And on the other hand, I hope our future construction partners, both designers and contractors, will increasingly take advantage of the know-how in the Hysopt software.”

Finally found the software I’ve wanted for years

“I’d definitely recommend Hysopt because I’ve finally found the software I’ve been wanting for years. As a young engineer, I calculated a lot of pressure drops and component selections, which takes up a lot of time. Using this model makes it much more flexible and easy to make simulations, which is exactly what you need for energy optimisations,” concludes a happy Jan Claesen.

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