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A deep dive into the Performance Gap in HVAC Installations

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Harnessing HVAC Digital Twins for Building Energy Transformation

As the world heads towards Net Zero, decarbonisation of the built-environment is paramount.  Mitigating the impacts of rising energy costs is also crucial. But non-domestic buildings are failing to live up to their anticipated energy performance and under-performing heating and cooling systems are a significant part of the problem.

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  • Discover why HVAC system performance gaps are a barrier to achieving your net zero goals and causing you hundreds of thousands (even millions) per year in unnecessary energy costs;
  • Unveil the fundamental root causes that you need to address to tackle the problems;
  • Learn about the transformative potential of HVAC Digital Twins as a solution.

The Performance Gap Unmasked

The concept of Performance Gaps isn’t new, but surprisingly few building owners and facility managers have truly assessed the risks and costs associated with the problem.

Studies of over 450 HVAC schemes showed that 95% under-performed, while independent sources, including the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) confirms that energy performance gaps are resulting in buildings consuming up to twice as much energy than predicted at the design stage.

Digging deeper, evidence reveals that HVAC under-performance is responsible for over half this gap.

With net-zero targets becoming increasingly urgent and immediate pressure to tackle the impacts of soaring energy costs, performance gaps are exacerbating the scale of the challenges.


The high cost of HVAC under-performance:
a must-read on your pathway to
Net Zero buildings

The ultimate read on your pathway to a Net Zero Future. 
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Nice Components, Poorly Performing Systems

It’s not just about individual components. Even with top-notch “energy-efficient” HVAC parts integrated during design, the interaction of these components often remains an enigma until they’re functioning together – frequently revealing shortcomings when it’s too late. Derailments during the installation, commissioning, and the initial phase of operation dramatically impact the final performance

The high cost of HVAC under-performance examines:

1. The true impact on Net Zero ambitions and energy costs HVAC system performance gaps are causing.

2. The fundamental root causes behind HVAC installation under-performance (and no, it not just about inefficient plant and components!)

3. Practical measures building owners can undertake to overcome under-performance, tackle escalating energy costs and reach net zero carbon objectives.

Make Net Zero achievable, not aspirational. Discover all the insights in our white paper to define your strategy!

Bridge the Performance Gap within PSDS

The Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme provides capital grants for energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation projects for non-domestic public sector buildings.

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  • Lowest possible running costs;
  • Optimised capital investment costs;
  • Highest possible carbon savings;
  • Science based performance metrics and £/tCO2 savings at the bid/design stage;
  • Significantly enhanced chance of bid success;

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