HVAC, taking back control!

Having control over the finances of your company, its level of comfort, and its impact on the planet, is something we would all like to have.

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Regardless of who you are, having control over the finances of your company, its level of comfort, and its impact on the planet, is something we would all like to have.

Why you shouldn’t blame yourself

You have had a potential gold mine staring you in the face without ever realising it but that’s okay! HVAC installations have gotten so complicated that it is almost impossible to fully understand their inner workings. Being overwhelmed is more than understandable.

Whether you are renovating or constructing a building, it is too easy to get drowned out by a plethora of opinions on how your HVAC systems should be set up. In the end, this leaves you with an end result that benefits everyone but your business and clients. This is why Hysopt exists. We calculate the optimal set-up, so you can take back control.

Hysopt Control

Control the controllable

Changing things up in order to take control of your company is really what it is all about. The truth of the matter is that the impact of HVAC installations is wildly underestimated. We aim to change that truth. Finances and pollution are but two of many things that benefit from our HVAC solution. As seen in this previous blog, having a say in the usability of you HVAC system grants you control over clients and their buying behaviour, your employees’ productivity and the carbon footprint of your company. All of this for a return on investment in less than 3 years?

Yes, we are another software company

In our defence, Hysopt is unique in its method. The Hysopt software is the only one that can calculate as well as simulate the performance of your current HVAC system and compare it to an optimized system. It can even present you with many different scenarios. We allow your company to choose exactly what it wants to focus on so you end up with a tailormade installation instead of an over dimensioned one. As a spinoff company of the University of Antwerp Hysopt was able to do extensive research, and we can say we know exactly what we are talking about. Our team did all the necessary research through PhD studies and performed all tests in university-level facilities. All of this mathematical and physical knowledge were eventually used to make the software as precise and unique as it is.

Our goal is to help you take back power! By doing so, your company will simultaneously save the environment and save your shareholders thousands, if not millions, of Euros.  All the research is done, the technology exists, and Hysopt can implement it now! So, let’s begin!

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Creating digital life
A Digital Twin: Creating a virtual space with a virtual model of your systems, so you can make an informed decision before making a real life one.

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Hysopt IPCC report


The IPCC report, did you see it pass by?
The latest IPCC report, wasn’t necessarily a confidence booster. We are moving forward, but we need to step up make the 2030, and ultimately the 2050 deadline!

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Designed to make a change
Let's act and renovate our buildings towards lower greenhouse gas emissions because time is ticking!

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