Comfort wars, your HVAC system is guilty

The right temperature can make or break an indoor environment.

Roel Vandenbulcke

Comfort wars over the office temperature. Sounds familiar? The right temperature can make or break an indoor environment. It has been scientifically proven that a few degrees in temperature more or less can radically affect the indoor atmosphere and working performance.

Hotter or colder? Finding your comfortable way through temperature

A survey of US workers in 2015 found that almost 50% of employees complain about office temperatures. Whether it is too hot or too cold, we can all agree that temperatures can greatly affect how comfortable we feel. In many commercial buildings the temperature is crucial. It not only impacts the comfort of your employees, but also your clients and their buying behaviour and this is too often overlooked.

Multiple studies have already shown that temperature has a serious impact on a customer’s buying behaviour. Store traffic and sales volumes can be positively or negatively swayed by the temperature of your commercial space. Basically: the comfort of your space has a direct impact on its sales potential! Moreover, appearances can be determined as well. According to an article of the New York Times, an experiment conducted on various commercial corners in Manhattan, showed that overall, the higher the price, the lower the store temperature.

Hysopt Comfort

But let’s not forget about your employees! An office that is too hot or too cold or both, simultaneously, in different areas, is one of the most common complaints in any workspace. A study from 2019 exposed that office temperatures really do affect your employee’s performance. The test subjects were asked a variety of questions in rooms of different temperatures. In comfortably warmer room the participants answered more questions correctly and were verbally stronger than in the colder ones.

Hospitals often lack the flexibility to accommodate patients in a comfortable temperature. Many hospitals struggle with the limitations of their HVAC-systems for creating a comfortable environment for their patients. By optimising the control and thus the comfort, staff and patients can focus on getting better. Their pain and suffering are already uncomfortable enough, no?

HVAC-systems are supposed to guarantee the correct temperature at the correct time. Sadly, this is where it often time goes wrong. HVAC-installations are complex machineries and the cause of its comfort problems, often times, are hidden in a small dark corner of your installation. Even experts have a hard time figuring it out. Problem doesn’t get solved and neither does the thermal discomfort.

Your comfort proof ecosystem

With the Hysopt Software we ensure that the client’s goal is achieved. Thanks to measurable results, we create transparency and ultimately contribute to a more comfortable, sustainable world. HVAC-costs can be very extensive. And, more often than not, there is no reason for that. With our Simulation Software you can see your HVAC installations come to life. It shows how it will behave from the very beginning. With this, we strive to achieve balance in the hydraulic systems, considering all the important parameters of your building. This means a pleasant temperature, in line with regulations and expectations and aligned with the residents. Never again will your workers have to complain about a space being too hot or too cold

The quality of an indoor environment is a big factor in people’s comfort and cognitive performance. So why not take it seriously? The Hysopt HVAC software minimises your carbon emissions, reduces your bills and optimises the comfort of your employees and clients.

Win, win, win!

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Validated by ISSO
The Hysopt software has been validated by ISSO. The report literally praises our software as a 'powerful tool for optimizing HVAC systems'.

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