Optimising the cost of carbon compliance in new build

Optimising the cost of carbon compliance in new build

Eager to learn how to decarbonise your new build project? Learn all about in our webinar.
Hysopt Webinar New Build


How to decarbonise new build?




Want to find out how to implement low carbon heating technologies in order to maximise CO2 savings and achieve regulatory compliance, while minimising investment costs in new build? Then this webinar is your cup of tea!

As systems become increasingly complex – for example with the introduction of multiple heat generation sources such as heat pumps – operational performance is very sensitive to correct hydraulic design.

Plus you’ll find out how our digital twin of your installations, will help you follow your project from concept to installation and commissioning and secure the integrity of the designs for the lifecycle of the installation.


  • Introduction of decarbonisation
  • The problem/the challenge in new build
  • How the Hysopt software faces the challenges
  • Case studies of projects we’ve already done
  • Recap and takeaways


Dr. ing. Roel Vandenbulcke, founder, CEO

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