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Hysopt Bootcamp

We believe it’s our duty to increase the understanding of hydronics with building services engineers. We therefore provide an interactive training program for engineers and beginner level Hysopt users. So, are you ready to take your skills to the next level and become an expert in Hysopt Optimisation Software? Register now for our upcoming Bootcamp in September and unlock your potential!

What is this Bootcamp about?

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We will provide recordings of the Hysopt e-Academy “mastering heating and cooling hydraulics”. This course will provide a basic understanding as a starting point of our software course.

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2 week program

You will learn about conceptual optimisation, pareto analysis, sensitivity analysis, detailed design and component selection, imposed load simulation and reverse engineering, case studies and a potential site visit during the weekend.

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Learning on the job

After this training program, you are ready to start building intermediate level Hysopt models. This should be followed with ‘learning on the job’.


Want to gain a competitive edge and expand your knowledge in Hysopt Optimisation Software? Our Bootcamp

is the perfect opportunity for you!


Dennis De Beuckeleer is HVAC Engineer at Hysopt

By performing a wide array of HVAC projects, Dennis De Beuckeleer has gathered an extensive amount of experience in the different types of use cases possible with the Hysopt Optimisation Software. Combined with a passion for aiding others, he will take you through the ins and outs of the software.

During a 2 week program you will learn to master the Hysopt Optimisation Software.

This training program is aimed at engineers from Hysopt partners and other beginner level Hysopt users.


Week 1 | 11/09 - 15/09

  • Getting started in Hysopt & Wiki
  • Conceptual optimisation & Controls
  • Pareto analysis & Sensitivity analysis
  • Location: Antwerp (Belgium)


Weekend | 16/09 -17/09

  • Saturday: Site visit + digital twin (morning) & social activity (afternoon)
  • Sunday: free
  • Location: Antwerp (Belgium)


Week 2 | 18/09 - 22/09

  • Detailed design & Component selection
  • Imposed load simulation & reverse engineering
  • Case study & Presentations
  • Location: Antwerp (Belgium)


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  • 2 week sessions with live support and room for Q&A
  • Hysopt license for didactical purposes during the duration of the bootcamp
  • Support from Hysopt consultants to help with the exercises
  • Full-time applicants only. You will receive a certification at the end of the bootcamp
  • Flemish subscribers can make use of the KMO Portefeuille for additional discount
    Reference number: DV.O218486

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Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, we will send you a certificate after completing the bootcamp. This certificate verifies that you have completed the course and fully understand the ins and outs of the Hysopt Optimisation Software.

In which language will the Bootcamp be presented?

All bootcamp will be presented in English (non-native). Additional questions can be asked in English or Dutch.

How to apply for KMO portefeuille?

You can apply for your KMO portefeuille subsidie via the vlaio website. Our Hysopt reference number is DV.O2184786

I have a specific question about the Hysopt Bootcamp.

For specific questions about the content of the bootcamp you can contact Brian Vanheel at brian@hysopt.com. For specific questions about Hysopt and the use in projects, you can contact sales@hysopt.com.