Schémas hydrauliques pour un fonctionnement optimal d’installations de cogénération

Schémas hydrauliques pour un fonctionnement optimal d’installations de cogénération

Dans ce webinaire, nous allons approfondir les P&ID et les schémas de contrôle pour une contribution optimisée de la cogénération.


P&ID and control schematics for optimised CHP contribution

Who for?

HVAC designers, M&E conttactors, consultancies, building facility managers, ESCO’s, interested parties, etc.




In contrast to a boiler that only supplies heat, a CHP produces both heat and electricity at the same time. So you get more out of the fuel. Covering the entire heat demand of a building with just one CHP is unfortunately not desirable due to its high investment cost and limited turn-down ratio. That’s why the CHP is dimensioned on the base load with a boiler covering the peak loads and providing back-up.

The way in which CHP and boilers are hydraulically connected has an enormous impact on the number of operating hours and thus the production cost of the heat. Also the size of the CHP, the system temperatures and the controls must be taken into account.

In this webinar, our consultant Ruben Vos takes you on a tour of the do’s and don’ts in the application of CHP in heating systems.


  • Operating principle of the CHP
  • Different hydraulic configurations and impact on operating hours
  • Influence of the return temperature
  • Distribution of production share between CHP and boilers
  • Influence volume of the buffer vessel
  • Detailed examples in the Hysopt software
Schémas hydrauliques pour un fonctionnement optimal d'installations de cogénération
Doublez le nombre d’heures de fonctionnement de la cogénération
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